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Don't wear a Mask if..

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Do you find the headline little shocking? Yes,wearing a mask inappropriately is nothing less than wearing 'no mask'. Even though most people around you are wearing a mask, many of them are not wearing it rightly. It's even shocking to see some commuters keeping their mask in a pocket and wearing it only once they see a cop. May be masks is getting the same treatment the helmet gets - 'Compulsory but chalta hai'. We need to change this 'Chalta hai' attitude as its related to our as well as other's life. So Lets discuss how we can wear a mask responsibly.

Minimum 3 layers

Mask with just single layer could not prevent the spread of corona. A mask should at least have 3 layers to stop the spread of corona virus. While selecting a mask, you must give a first priority to number of layers, and not to its price, design, color or the brand.

No to a Mask with Respirator

Don’t wear a mask if it has a valved respirator. The air you breath out can escape from respirator and can put those in your surrounding at risk. The Union Health Ministry has warned against the use of masks with valved respirators.

The respirators is basically a ‘one-way valve’ that only safeguard the person who wears it and it doesn’t filter the aerosols coming out of the valve. Thus, a carrier of the coronavirus can easily spread the infection to others when the valve releases the unfiltered exhaled air in the surroundings. Thus, people around the carrier will be at a higher risk of getting infected

Properly covered nose and mouth

There are many designer cotton masks available in the market. There is no harm in using cotton masks as far as they are properly covering your nose and mouth. Wearing a mask which does not cover your nose or mask is nothing less that wearing ‘No Mask’.

Wash your hands

Wash your hand with soap for at least for 20 seconds before wearing and after removing a mask. If you touch your mask accidentally, wash or sanitize your hands immediately. Always carry a hand sanitizer while travelling.

Wash you Mask

Washing the mask (Fabric Mask) is as important as washing your hands. It needs to be washed after every use. A regular detergent and water is sufficient to wash a mask, though you can also add disinfectant for added safety. Also when you purchase a mask always wash and use it

All these precautionary measures needs to be taken collectively to prevent the spread of corona virus. To sum up, we need to wear a mask responsibly.

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